Monday, 27 July 2020

When your Customer Service may need to be reevaluated.

Customer service is viewed as an imperative aspect of any business as it holds onto customers while receiving value from them. By offering the best form of customer service, businesses earn customer acquisition costs and encourage a loyal following that increases customers, formulates industry research, and increases positive testimonials and referrals. Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of all and any business. Research indicates that 60% of business derives from existing customers. Here the question is asked – How can a POS System improve customer satisfaction within your business? It does not matter what industry your business falls under, the benefits of a POS System within customer satisfaction, range far and wide. Here are all the particulars you need to appreciate the importance of customer satisfaction.

Which is cheaper: Customer Retention or Customer Acquisition?

A small increased amount of 5% within customer retention can lead to a profit increase of 25%. The reason for this is that repeated loyal customers have a higher chance of spending more of their income with your brand rather than with your competitors, which then leads to your business spending less on operating costs while favouring your loyal customer base.


How is your brand image, mission, and values represented by customer service?

When creating your brand you have created the entire image in your mind, yet your customers are not personal friends of yours, therefore they are not entirely sure of the visualization of your business. Customers create expectations based on your advertising, created content, social media presence, and much more. The link between your ideal brand image and your customers is your customer service team. Direct communication is non-existent without help from your customer service team. Therefore we can state that it is undeniable that your customer service team is essential to your communication efforts in transmitting your brand's identity and message to your customers. This very important team of yours acts as influencers by convincing customers of the positive attributes your business has over your competitors. Apart from asking product advice from a staff member or where a product is located, the main employees customers interact with are the cashiers. Cashiers hold a large sum of power when communicating with the customers, they ask the customer if they are signed onto the loyalty programme, if not they complete the process for the customer, they complete data capturing which increases the customer information to further marketing opportunities, they upsell by pitching the latest promotions as well as utilizing the products around them to increase sales. The cashiers can also be a huge impact to customer satisfaction by merely ensuring the customers transaction is completed with ease, by offering a smile and respectful tone, a cashier can very well be the reason a customer returns.


If your customer service team is happy, will that lead to satisfied customers?

It is very simple, if you were dreading Monday because you were expected to go into work where you feel undervalued, would you give it your all? Would you be motivated to succeed in every aspect of your day? Would you give off a positive vibe to the customers you face? The answer is a direct no. 87% of employees who are happy within their work environment and who feel appreciated will go the extra mile. Consequently, if you want your staff to offer their best, they should be nurtured by offering consistent support, respect, and appreciation. At this point they will take pride in their work and offer a pleasant service to the customers, this service will create a value-added benefit for your customers. Remember, staff that experience support from the company they work for, will treat the individuals they see during their day the way they feel within the brand. If the supporting hardware or software crashes a happy staff member will create a speedy solution to refrain from frustrating the customer knowing if they were to go to their manager for assistance it would not be a hassle but rather encouraged, however, if the staff member is already irritated by the treatment of the company and know their manager will be rude to them for asking for their support, they will showcase this to the customer leading to an ineffective solution. POS Systems can be the support your customer service team needs to succeed. They will feel equipped with all the resources and correct tools to conduct their service. Deducting minor annoyances can be done with a well-designed, user-friendly POS which will result in motivated and energized staff members.

Do happy customers multiply through their referrals?

When your customers have received incredible service, they are more likely to tell their family, friends, and co-workers. According to researched statistics, 70% of customers share positive brand experiences with others. Let’s put it to practice: you have had an incredible experience with a brand, you enjoyed your experience so much that you tell your partner about it when you get home, your partner then tells his/her friend about it as they are looking for a referral. Commitment to a brand is partnered with trust, therefore, the more people referring your brand the more trustworthy it becomes. This is viewed as a chain reaction – a staff member is happy in their career, wanting to satisfy their manager by exceeding expectations of your customers, from there, the customer has been given a great experience and relays this moment with their loved ones while the satisfaction and loyalty increases. We all effect one another during the course of our day. We either interact with a positive attitude or a negative one, with this being said, your staff members can be the deal maker or breaker when expressing the experience with a brand.


Does good customer service inspire customers to continue their loyalty to your brand?

Why would someone look at other brands where they have not experienced their products or service if they love all that your brand has to offer? The answer simply put is that they will not look elsewhere if their personal expectations have been met. Comparing your brand to your large number of competitors, you have to shine from all the others by offering enticing features of your products or outstanding results from your services offered. By offering the best customer service, you will equip your brand with the “wow” feature aiding your brand with a unique look which will differentiate your brand from the rest. As said before, loyalty develops from trust, before making a purchase the trust factor comes in from your customer service team where they are frontline with your potential customers leaving them with an experience they will either enjoy or hate. By interacting with your staff, offer training, mind-map with them for innovative ideas or solutions, those staff members will feel needed and show pride in their work ethic. One inclusive method a POS System can include to keep your customers satisfied is by offering your staff high quality hardware and software solutions to empower them with the correct optimized tools to facilitate quick and detailed transactions.

Would customers pay more for a product/service if offered superior customer service?

If you had a bad experience with a brand that offered the cheaper solution to that of a brand that offered you a great experience but had a higher fee for the product/service, which would you choose? 50% of customers will increase their purchase with a brand that offered better services. Statistics indicate that 80% of customers would pay up to 25% more if they were guaranteed a positive customer service experience. People can be influenced by one experience, a positive experience will have them come back for more, and a negative experience will send them to your competitor. The best POS Systems offer your business oversight and consumer insight. When your floor team has access to updated information on your products and inventory levels, employees stand a higher chance of keeping your customers engaged and closing a sale. Inventory oversight can decrease the behind-the-scenes busywork, free up staff time, and place all attention on your customers’ needs and requirements.


Your storefront POS is the final opportunity for communication between your brand and the customer, this is the last chance to present the best possible impression and representation of your brand. Consequently, any POS solution you select will be a crucial defining factor in capturing the loyalty of repeat customers and creating a healthy bottom line. The team at ECR Software believes that, in today’s market, a multi-functional digital POS is possibly the fastest route to enhancing your customer service and, finally, establishing a positive brand reputation. The reason a POS System is valuable for all individuals involved within the sales process is that the POS System modernises and optimized business operations, improves day-to-day life for all employees, and significantly increases the loyalty of your brand through customer service and experience. With a high-quality POS System, you will decrease transaction time and backend busywork, increase sales, incentivise employees, and offer immediate convenience that today’s customers have grown to expect.

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